The world's leading Apps Subscription Service

Apps Club is the official Android apps subscription offer for many of the top mobile carriers and smartphone OEMs in the world. Apps Club is the leading Apps subscription service in terms of addressable market reach, content quality as well as in total active subscribers.

Reach over 500MM users in Emerging Markets

Apps Club reaches over 500M mobile subscribers and unlocks the potential of Apps Distribution and monetization in Emerging markets.

With emerging markets in mind, it has no need for credit cards as it provides carrier billing for 100% of its addressable users, therefore unlocking a huge monetization potential where credit card penetration is low.

Also, there is no need for a data plan to download new apps – all app downloads within Apps Club can be done for free independently of users having purchased a mobile data plan, making the service accessible for all.

Distribution Partners

Apps Club is the official offering and partner for the Android apps subscription services of many of the top mobile carriers and smartphone OEMs in the world. Our distribution partners help us by co-branding, promoting and distributing the service, by pre-load the Apps Club storefront into their client’s smartphones, and by providing billing integration.


Across the last decades, most mass-market digital media offers have developed into either of three business models that coexist and complement each other (Free, Subscription and Paid). This trend has been consistent and true regardless of the media category (e.g. music, video or books), its encoding (analog or digital) and its distribution channel (e.g. offline or online).

A subscription model is typically the last one of the three to emerge as the media category matures.  As the mobile apps category matures, the subscription model emerges complementing the existing free and paid models, while at the same time representing a better value for users and for developers alike.


A better value for all




It protects the premium apps from being copied to non–authorized devices and against usage of non-paying users

DRM works both Online & Offline

Usage tracking

It tracks usage and overall engagement of each individual app while keeping individual user activity private

No code change required

A wrapper version is available for developers that don’t want to adapt existing apps

Control App Updates without requiring GooglePlay

Compatible with Facebook, Google+ and Google Game Services and with Amazon APK’s

Multiple Business Models

Ability to process IAP transactions while disabling the users billing charges

Ability to coexist with GooglePlay IAP’s transactions and provide special pricing for Apps Club subscribers.

Flexible and Lightweight

Self-updatable without the need to update full app

Small foot print (<30K)

Support multiple APK’s and OBB files formats

Discover new apps
through your friends

Discover new apps
through your friends

In a world with hundreds of thousands of apps, finding the best apps is challenging. In addition to providing a pre-selection of the best available Apps across all key categories, Apps Club, through its Social app discovery feature, enables users to find the best apps based on what their friends are using and recommending.

Only the best apps

Only the best apps

A subscription service is only as good as the content it offers. Therefore Apps Club only works with the best available apps covering all key app categories:

  • Best rated with  ★★★★ stars and above
  • No Advertising
  • Premium titles or titles with In-App-Purchase credit included
  • Most popular apps in each key Google Play category
  • Best value – over 2.000 USD in Premium Apps and included IAPs


Content Partners

The mobile application market is very fragmented and dynamic. In order to always provide the best apps- Apps Club established close partnerships with over 150 top global and regional publishers and developers that are responsible for some of the best apps in the world.


"Bemobi has for long been a key distribution partner in emerging markets such as LATAM, SA, SEA, Africa and CIS. Besides generating an extra source of revenues for our Android games, Bemobi provides a user-friendly dashboard and a great support team to guide our efforts. Those are the perfect ingredients that make Bemobi one of our most efficient business partners we are always pleased to solicit for new game releases."

Xavier Liard


"As a leading game publisher it was a challenge generating a significant revenue stream from emerging markets. Luckily, we came across Bemobi which offered a good solution to that with great support, a very simple integration process and last but not least, an impressive revenue stream. Today we are very happy and proud to collaborate with such a partner in the game industry."

Maya Gurevich

Founder and CEO

"Our partnership with Bemobi has delivered results that have effectively generated a new source of revenue for us. We are satisfied with the valuable developer support provided by Bemobi regarding monetization opportunities in key emerging markets."

Žiga Bobinac

Director of App Sales

"…their approach to app distribution provides a comfortable environment for end-users while rewarding app developers for offering quality content. Since we’ve started working with Bemobi we’ve gained significant exposure in the Brazilian marketplace, reaching many new users in an innovative and fun way."

Fabio Luzo Alves

Sales Account Mgr

"Subscription was for sure coming to the apps world, however nobody seemed to get it right. Then Bemobi’s Apps Club came along, and it’s a game changer."

Federico Martin LLano

Brasil & SouthCone Mobile Manager

"Bemobi’s unique subscription model really proves to be one of the best mobile distribution solutions in Brazil and Emerging markets. Their support in the integration process was remarkable and allowed us to start fast and effortless."

Vivid Games

Business Development Manager

"Our company has been searching for ways to enter Brazilian and Emerging markets for quite some time. We needed one entry point to reach all mobile subscribers, that’s when Bemobi came in. Their Apps Club is a synergy of easy submission process, vast marketing opportunities and great developers support. Join Apps Club today and instantly reach millions of Emerging Markets mobile user."

Dmitry Surchenov

Business Development Manager

"As a health and fitness app developer, the Bemobi Apps Club´s monetizing system is ideal! The more users exercise with our apps and the healthier they become, the more we benefit. Moreover its real time reporting dashboard gives us a great insight into the performance."

Christian Kaar

CTO Mobile & Co-Founder

"Bemobi is one of our best revenue stream on Android out of Google Play. Their service is very efficient in terms of installed base and app usage. …. Bemobi is the perfect partner for anyone that is aiming for the Brazilian market. Working with their team is a real pleasure and they always manage to get the best out of our titles."

Cyrille Imbert


"Huuuge partnered with Bemobi to test how well our games perform in Brazil and in their channels. Happy to report that since that we have made a lot of new fans in Brazil and cooperating with Bemobi has been very positive experience for us. We appreciate the innovative service concept which works great for companies that have validated success & high quality games on Google Play. We are looking forward doing more success in Latam with Bemobi."

Anton Gauffin


"Our company, Anuman Interactive, has been working with Bemobi for a few months now by bringing them mobile contents for their plateform. Their technology is reliable, efficient and profit-making. This is an ergonomic and intuitive tool for the final customers as well as for the publishers. We are very happy with our collaboration with Bemobi which is proving increasingly successful and profitable."

Sandra Ragobert

Deputy CEO

"Bemobi’s solution enables us to further monetize Facetune for Android in Latin America, a high growth region where credit card penetration for Android users is not fully developed. They have been pleasant partners to work with, providing a smooth process from both technical and business perspectives – a crucial element for publishers with high opportunity costs. We look forward to continue working with Bemobi as they aim for ambitious growth in upcoming years"

Itai Tsiddon

Co-Founder & Director of Business Development

"Latam is now strategic region many gaming companies have on their radars. While being so desirable, it’s also quite a difficult market to step in, and we’re glad to have Bemobi as our partner. Together we are able to reach much more passionate players."

Alexandra Butova

Head of Channel & New Markets Development

"The Apps Club is an outstanding opportunity for consumers to get great valued titles like our top blockbusters Townsmen, Devils&Demons, 1941 Frozen Front or Clouds&Sheep. For us as a developer it’s a perfect possibility to offer our products to gamers in LATAM! A market which is booming and which is key to our strategy."

Christopher Kassulke


"As a top grossing provider of high quality games to Opera, extending our reach by working with Opera Appsclub was an easy call for us. Appsclub is a highly curated apps subscription store in both emerging and mature markets that provide our developers with solid incremental revenue. It's core principle is end-consumer value and that is reflected in the quality of the apps selection and the management of the store itself. For us and the developers we represent, it's a perfect fit!"

Bertil Krumnack